iOS 12 Rumours, Leaks & Launch Date – WWDC 2018 iOS 12 Updates

After the successful launch of iOS 11, Apple is ready for yet another launch this year. This time, it is iOS 12 updates. We can get the first look of the iOS 12 on 4th June during Apple’s developer conference, WWDC. The proper release of iOS 12 for the public is expected to be in September 2018. As always, it is expected to come with surprises and exciting new features for the users. But, nobody is sure what the new features would be.

Apple is a brand that has always been the talk of the town around the world. Supreme in its technology, this brand offers devices which are not only best in class but also useful to the core. Apple has always launched products that have state-of-the-art technologies and looks. The interfaces of these products are also easy to use.

Known for performance and quality, Apple manufacturers while designing iOS 12 will primarily focus on fixing of bugs and refining the underlying codes. This is done to ensure that the customers get the more responsive device and count of issues are lessened while using the latest iOS. It is so because even months after iOS 11 launch, things have not worked up to the level as per customers’ satisfaction and there have been some performance issues too. For this, several updates were also issued to fix bugs with TouchID, FaceID, unresponsive touch screens and many more.

iOS 12 Launch Dates & Features

iOS 12 Launch Dates & Features

In January 2018 Apple issued another iOS update which patched the vulnerabilities in its mobile chips as the Spectre and Meltdown flaws were revealed. As if this was not enough, the issue of deliberately slowing down older iPhones via iOS updates was also raised by customers. Keeping all these things in mind, it is expected that Apple developers will focus more on fixing these issues and addressing performance related issues rather than trying to bring in new features. Hence, there are many iOS 12 rumors, leaks associated with launch dates. Let us look at some of the other rumors as well:

iOS 12 Updates, Rumours, & Leaks Roundup – WWDC 2018


iOS 12 Features & Download

iOS 12 Features & Download

The biggest change expected in iOS 12 is cross-platform apps. The update, along with macOS 10.14, will allow developers to design a single application that will work on iPhones, iPads, and Macs, a stark change from the separate Mac and iOS apps available today. The main aim for this is to design a universal app that will work both on the touchscreen and with the mouse. It is expected that iOS 12 will have this universal app feature. Apple may bring some of its own iPhone applications for the users, like the Home app, to the Mac as a part of this new update.


It was also heard that the stock applications would be redesigned in a better way.


Animoji which is available on the iPhone X as of now is expected to be expanded in iOS 12. It is being said that new Animoji characters will be there in the latest iOS with an interface that will be easier to navigate by the users. Animoji is also expected to come to the iPad, with the next-generation iPad Pro. It is also rumored to include a TrueDepth camera.


Apple is planning to integrate Animoji into FaceTime so that people can use the animated emoji characters while making a video call.

Multi-person FaceTime calls are reportedly being explored as well, but according to Bloomberg, that feature may not be ready by 2018.


Apple is planning to update its parental controls in iOS 12. With the latest Digital Health tool, parents will know how much time their children are spending on iOS devices. Analyzing the data by parents will allow them to monitor screen time in a better way.

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iOS 12 Updates, Rumours & Leaks - WWDC 2018

iOS 12 Updates, Rumours & Leaks – WWDC 2018

Below are some of the leaks of iOS12 to make life easy and exciting for the users.

  • Deeper Siri integration in Photos for search purposes
  • An enhanced version of “Do Not Disturb” that will offer users more options to automatically reject calls and silence the notifications.
  • Dark Mode
  • Expand Face ID reach
  • Swipe anywhere to unlock
  • Revamped interface for importing photos into an iPad
  • Multi-person augmented reality games



It is expected that Apple will replace an expected half of its power management chips to go into iPhone so that devices are capable of a better performance on lower power consumption.

Above written are some of the rumors that are expected and leaks that aired in the past few days on various media. These rumors are creating a lot of excitement among the apple users. The leaks already are creating a lot of expectations among the users around the globe. Hope you found info about iOS 12 rumors, leaks, and launch dates. of WWDC 2018.